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MINI UHF Male To TNC Female Adapter

Adapters - MINI UHF Male To TNC Female Adapter MINI-UHF m   0 TNC f   0

MINI UHF Male To TNC Female Adapter

1-24: $10.21 | 25-49: $9.50

MINI-UHF Male to TNC Female Adapter:

MINI-UHF adapter A3787 from Federal Custom Cable is one of over 500,000 coaxial interconnect adapters directly available to the Radio Frequency & component industry users. Our MINI-UHF to TNC coax adapter is designed with 50 Ohm impedance that has a Maximum VSWR of 1.30:1 and is precisely manufactured to meet all RF Microwave and Millimeter wave industry standards & specifications.

TNC Female to MINI-UHF Male Adapter:

It is also referred to as TNC to MINI-UHF adapter A3787 from fccable.com has TNC connector with Female gender on the one side and MINI-UHF connector with a Male gender on the other. It is precisely designed with a straight body style for use as an in-line coax adapter.

MINI-UHF Plug to TNC Jack Adapter:

Our between series MINI-UHF to TNC coaxial adapter A3787 is available for same day immediate shipment from Federal Custom Cable also known as FCCable.com, an ISO9001:2008; ITAR M26901 certified facility; with any other RF Microwave Connectors; RF Cable Assemblies or RF Components.

TNC Jack to MINI-UHF Plug Adapter:

Is also known as MINI-UHF adapter A3787 from fccable.com has a MINI-UHF connector with Plug gender on the one side and an TNC connector with a Jack gender on the other; is one of many adapters; used in a variety of industries stemming from computing; wireless; telecommunications; test and measurement; aerospace; aeronautics; electronics; energy; industrial & manufacturing; medical to Satcom antennas; Muos antennas and several other military applications; microelectronics and textiles and lately in robotics and drones.