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Home > LMR Cable Specifications
LMR Coaxial Cable Specs

LMR (standard)
LMR-100A [PDF button]
LMR-195 [PDF button]
LMR-200, LMR-200DB, LMR-200FR [PDF button]
LMR-240, LMR-240DB, LMR-240FR [PDF button]
LMR-300, LMR-300DB, LMR-300FR [PDF button]
LMR-400, LMR-400DB, LMR-400FR LMR-400 coaxial cable
LMR-500, LMR-500DB, LMR-500FR [PDF button]
LMR-600, LMR-600DB, LMR-600FR [PDF button]
LMR-900 [PDF button]
LMR-1200 [PDF button]
LMR-1700 [PDF button]
LMR-LW195 [PDF button]
LMR-LW200 [PDF button]
LMR-LW240 [PDF button]
LMR-LW400 [PDF button]
LMR-LW600 [PDF button]
LMR-195-UF [PDF button]
LMR-200-UF [PDF button]
LMR-240-UF [PDF button]
LMR-300-UF [PDF button]
LMR-400-UF [PDF button]
LMR-500-UF [PDF button]
LMR-600-UF [PDF button]
LMR-LLPL Low Loss Plenum
LMR-195-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-200-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-240-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-300-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-400-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-500-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-600-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-900-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-1200-LLPL [PDF button]
LMR-75 Low Loss 75 Ohm Coax
LMR-200-75 [PDF button]
LMR-240-75 [PDF button]
LMR-300-75 [PDF button]
LMR-400-75 [PDF button]
LMR-600-75 [PDF button]
TCOM Low Loss Low PIM Coax
TCOM-195, TCOM-195FR [PDF button]
TCOM-200, TCOM-200FR [PDF button]
TCOM-240, TCOM-240FR [PDF button]
TCOM-300, TCOM-300FR [PDF button]
TCOM-400, TCOM-400FR [PDF button]
TCOM-500, TCOM-500FR [PDF button]
TCOM-600, TCOM-600FR [PDF button]

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